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Description : Avec un verre dans le nez hips, c'est plus facile hips ;-)

Posteur : fun4fun

Date : le 07-03-2006

Catégories : Auto & Moto

Note : 0.2328571420.232857142

:-) ;-) ;-( :-D



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Posté par un visiteur, le 16-06-2018

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Posté par un visiteur, le 17-10-2015

Couldn't disagree with this post more or Joe for that mtaetr (and trust me when I say I know and think Joe is a rockstar). This type of stance is ONLY an ideal. What is an app UI anyway? Something with a back button on the upper left? Let's be productive and try and boil it down to what REALLY SHOULD NOT be in a mobile web app. Is there really a list for this? Should I get rid of a back button in my web app because users look for it (cause they do)? We've developed an app back button (which in reality is a go to the appropriate parent) and still support the browser back in our HTML5 mobile app. Watching actual user testing has taught me that both are used and needed (with the upper left location being used in orders of magnitude more).So, what are we really saying? We can't have transitions? We can't write scripts like Scrollability (*cough*)? We can't make use of full-screen web apps? A good UI is a usable UI (and yeah, it needs to perform well too I'm not saying it doesn't). [url=]myfqrqdu[/url] [link=]rdohphrh[/link]

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Posté par un visiteur, le 16-10-2015

One can criticize bad UI on antnhiyg that is built but I respectfully ask the author to be careful by not attempting to generalize when speaking about Mobile Web UI vs. Native apps UI. There are many poor executions on both sides, as well as many good ones. I don’t think it is a matter of one vs. another but rather, simply a matter of the execution on each.The word pretending seems strong. Programming is, and has always been, about seeing something new, then copying it and making it better ..MS Windows was the best pretending Mac OS piece of software ever written .and look what happened. Don’t forget that Apple also “pretended” to copy the mouse functionality from XEROX. The Web is a huge sandbox for Mobile Development. Call them pretenders today, but improvements will continue and the benefits will keep on coming. BTW, didn’t we have a “native” computer software revolution 25-30 years ago (we called them “applications” back then)? Then the web revolution came along and we said “Everything to the internet” the pretenders came and conquered and now we are going back to “native” mobile apps? One could argue we’ve gone full circle. Same concept, different device.Keep pretending my friends the mobile web needs you.

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Posté par un visiteur, le 15-10-2015

There is one point that none of you designers have adesdsred, and I think it it be a valid point, though how valid of a point I think depends on how lazy you, as a person, are.Battery Life. The so called Uncanny Valley experience is not such a bad thing if eventually better libraries are built, faster processors occur, etc, but designers generally are not concerned with performance until it starts visual impacting them. On a small scale, yes, slapping an interface together with a bit of C(++) vs HTML might not make much of a difference, but just as anyone who's even taken a smidgen of algorithms knows, inferior methods start to show up in embarrassing ways after you reach a certain performance point. This also translate to less battery life. I know things are not what they once were, but I suspect there may be very real economical arguments that end up forcing out the easy ways out , out.Where is this performance point? I don't know, but it seems to me the author of this article thinks that the performance point isn't high enough that web developpers should stop pretending its higher than it actually is. Which, in all fairness, it probably isn't as high as you lazy webbers think it is. Even on the desktop, web-apps tend to run pathetically in comparison to something running on the bare metal. Guess which app I'd sooner run. [url=]fjmqhzd[/url] [link=]ijzpkhhl[/link]

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Dunno why but Real Dunno why but Real Racing 2 is a bit laggy in terms of the sound and because of that, it soduns like the game is laggy Was this answer helpful?

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Posté par un visiteur, le 14-10-2015

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