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Pilotage artistique

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Description : On ne sait pas si il décolle ou atterrit, mais c'est joli !

Posteur : fun4fun

Date : le 17-06-2009

Catégories : Parodie

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:-) ;-) ;-( :-D



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Posté par un visiteur, le 28-07-2014

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Posté par un visiteur, le 26-07-2014

this, my husband had three acnidects last year. Two of them he walked away from. The third he was not so lucky. He hit a patch of ice and flipped our little ranger several times. Thankfully he does not remember any of that. He had to be cut out of the truck. Thankfully he was able to walk out of the hospital a few hours later with only three stitches in his hand.This last accident changed our live. We realize how wonderful God is. There is no other explaination for his recovery of all three acnidects. We have been listening to K-Love and reading our bible together. We know that he has called us back to Crossroads. We were not living God's true vision. I only hope we do this year.

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Posté par un visiteur, le 24-07-2014

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Posté par un visiteur, le 22-07-2014

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Posté par un visiteur, le 12-07-2014

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