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Image - Une bonne cure

 Une bonne cure

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Description : Et vous ne vous reconnaîtres plus !

Posteur : fun4fun

Date : le 07-11-2008

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:-) ;-) ;-( :-D



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Posté par un visiteur, le 18-05-2016

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Posté par un visiteur, le 17-05-2016

I just went to the thrift store a few weekends ago and found some amazing classic book printed in 1894! I was so exAe!idtclso, i just read the Tipping Point. Very thought provoking, but it took me forever to read. I guess non-fiction just isn’t my thing. i need a gripping story with characters and plot. Katherine Michael´s last [type] ..

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Posté par un visiteur, le 16-05-2016

All of those sound like entirely corpiehensmble transactions to me. But then I'm not a "no indirection ever" person, either. I'd classify all of those as direct, though -- they all mean exactly what they say. They do proceed in stages, rather than stating everything up-front in one piece. I classify that separately from direct / indirect, in my own taxonomy. Communicating in stages is how I'm used to dealing with avoiding being fully committed while still communicating.

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Posté par un visiteur, le 15-05-2016

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Posté par un visiteur, le 16-10-2015

as for using the description taentellss about novak ? fvogire me but one needs to know WHERE such comments come from namely, probably fans of roger who are = OUTSIDE of whatever are novak's personal foibles that they don't like simply was unacceptable to fans or those who PREFERED OTHER PLAYERS OF THEIR OWN to challenge roger so long as it is known that roger would beat them ANYWAY just so THESE players can have THEIR spot in the sun but the TRUTH is- if people WERE honest and disabused themselves of the dislike of novak or his family and all such nonsense HAD IT NOT BEEN FOR NOVAK since 2007 ONLY RAFAEL NADAL would have really challenged Roger FEderer in any seriousness UNTIL MURRAY began HIS maturation. the truth is people are MIXING UP their personal dislikes of novak WITH his family's antics , admittedly annoying as they were with DEFINING HIM as untalented . that is silly, intellectually dishonest and simply nonsensical. the truth IS IF novak was anywhere NEAR his better playing with much accuracy and subtle changes that he can do well there are at least 93 out of 100 players that will NOT want to play HIM .and THAT includes Federer, Roddick, and all the rest of them besides the ONLY OTHER TWO or 3 PLAYERS : nadal, murray, nalbandian, that along with novak challenged roger federer in ways the OTHERS simply have proven to be SUCH FAILURES at and YET would be called by people TALENTED! let's be REAL here!

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Posté par un visiteur, le 15-10-2015

Novak Djokovic is a solid player and a world class athelte, but to stamp him the best player ever is giving him credit he doesn't deserve (yet). You cannot discount what Pete Sampras, Rod Laver, Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal have done and sa y with a straight face that Novak is superior, because that would just be an act of ignorant bliss. Beyond the boundries of the baseline and into the record books is where we would have to delve and the numbers don't lie. By being the best, you have to trump the best by overcoming their statistical records and multiple grand slam achievements across the board. Any other person who would think differently in this matter, certainly doesn't have nor know the sport as they claim they would. (Just my honest and humble opinion) ;o) [url=]ctvjgrt[/url] [link=]nznnvdco[/link]

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Posté par un visiteur, le 15-10-2015

Dear Sr. T. Nadal.Are you available for osiutde coaching sessions? Do you have good command Swiss French, Swiss German, English, Afrikaans, or Slovak?I just really admire your sun-tanned... I mean... attitude and perhaps you can provide something that a certain Uncle Tony with a "y" can't. Sometimes, I just think Tony with a 'y' is more into FederBear than the real thing. So with the Boy on cruise control, won't you help us? Just a few coaching session. Please?Afterwards, perhaps you can give me that famous present of yours in a quite alley behind the hotel.Your long time admirer, V,M.

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Posté par un visiteur, le 14-10-2015

Et un petit Raonic/Llodra pour commencer aussi, deux grndas spe9cialistes de la terre!Pour ma part je pense que le plus grand danger pour Nadal est Ferrer : bon sur terre battue et pas complexe9 comme Verdasco. Il est du cf4te9 de Fed, en cas de duel en demi je miserais sur l'espagnol.Non mais de toute fae7on Nadal ne risque pas d'aller en finale, il a les 4 mousquetaires dans sa partie de tableau