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Vidéo - Ah les voitures

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Description : MDR, voilà une publicité bien trouvée ;-)

Posteur : erickvillain

Date : le 08-05-2005

Catégories : Incroyable Publicités Auto & Moto

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:-) ;-) ;-( :-D



Un visiteur

Posté par un visiteur, le 17-05-2016

Idéia ridícula. Tem é que abrir um processo contra o Lula.A chance do Lula depor na CPI é zero. Se não conseguiram chamar nem o Cabral (que tem denúncias, fotos, viagens de jatinho e hetp³Ãcilero da Delta), o Lula é que não vão conseguir só porque o Gilmar Mendes falou.

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Posté par un visiteur, le 16-05-2016

I absolutely love the sun on my face, but clothing wise I definitely feel more &qutm;te&quoo; in Winter woolies Growing hair is a right pain in the rear but I think you should definitely persevere, you've come this far! As for colour why not get some very fine highlights pulled through just the front to see how you like it. They are easy covered over if you decide you're not fussed. Life's too short not to experiment xxx

Un visiteur

Posté par un visiteur, le 15-05-2016

I'm so happy to hear that they're back in business. When I heard the shop on Italska closed I was mortified - in my opinion this was one of Prague's finest cafes (albeit, emp..y.t). Hopefully, the new location will turn out to be a good move for them (I can't see how it'll have the same ambiance though)