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Vidéo - Cyclisme spécial

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Description : Sans vélà, c'est du jamais vu ...

Posteur : tyson

Date : le 01-05-2005

Catégories : Sports

Note : 0.5661290320.5661290320.5661290320.5661290320.5661290320.566129032

:-) ;-) ;-( :-D



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Posté par un visiteur, le 18-05-2016

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Posté par un visiteur, le 17-05-2016

thanks for the correction mike, i thought when jerry left the lakers front office it was for ownership, not another gm sp308#&2ot; since he left they are in need of some good management.

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Posté par un visiteur, le 16-05-2016

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Posté par un visiteur, le 16-05-2016

Eric Russell: This is starting to remind me of BoH’s public vote on whether or not to ban DKL. And then you had DKL insisting that those who argued on behalf of his being banned had failed because he could write a better argument for his own banning than anything anyone else had prdeeovd.Yip. Me, too. (well put, btw.)

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Posté par un visiteur, le 15-05-2016

Well I guess I don't have to spend the weekend fignirug this one out!